500 Internal Server Error

I just completed a fresh install of 7.3.3 and the logs point to an issue when someone signs into the site.


PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '\' (T_NS_SEPARATOR) in
/cache/bx_templ_en_alt_86aea3b074a1144862bb9ad7dc68b9b8.php on line 127 


I simply edited the script and removed the "\" from line 127, otherwise you will see the error 500.  The issue is still present anytime that I click on the Home Menu.  Any other suggestions for correcting this?

Quote · 26 Nov 2016

That is a cached file.  Manually clear the /cache and /cache_public directories leaving the .htaccess files and then go to admin and clear caches there.  Then reload the site and see what happens.  You may have to turn off some of the caches; some hosting setups don't work well with the Dolphin cache engine.

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