7.1.2 to 7.2.0 upgrade, photo script taking days

I'm trying to upgrade from 7.1.2 to 7.2.0 and I'm running the photo converter script. Is there an easier way to do this?


The upgrade script only converts 4 photos every 5 - 10 seconds, it's been running over 24hrs & if my math is right doing it like this is going to take 3 days? The site has about 4,000 pictures.


Could this not be done much faster via command line or something?

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Just let it run assuming the script does not time out. Mime took days also but timed several times so some of my photos were not converted. Good luck

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Timeouts are part of the issue I'm worried about...as well has having my desktop pretty much occupied since Chrome is gobbling up RAM like a fat kid at a chocolate cake buffet. If push comes to shove I'll just rip the script apart & write something simple that can be run via command line but was hoping someone out there already had a solution. 4 photos every 10 seconds is quite the oversight for Boonex. Ridiculously slow. 


Andrew you floating around here somewhere? At the very least a warning that the upgrade was going to take days would have been nice. Any way around this? About to pull the plug & restore the backups. By my count I have about 62.5 hours left of this & I have work to do. Sent a message into support about 2 hours ago.

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My question is, "What is the purpose of this photo script, what is it doing exactly?  Why would I want to run it after the upgrade?

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Supposedly it's just resizing user uploaded photos so they fit with the new wall modules...which is why I'm thinking a cmdline script would be much more efficient. 

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Just to clarify this one I'm going from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0, had the version numbers confused when I posted this this morning. I got a message back from Nathan and have confirmed in the script at this point that it's running 30 files about every 15 seconds. Looking at the /modules/boonex/photos/data/files directory with roughly 4,000 registered photos that comes out to over 13,000 files in that directory. 


I was able to edit the script and change the following line to increase the number of files processed per batch.


Edit /upgrade/files/7.1.6-7.2.0/photos_resize.php


Find: $iLimit = 30;


Gradually increase this limit until you start to get a slow (but not too slow) refresh time. Then step it back down by 5 or whatever increment you're using.


For me I was able to go up to 250 files but my servers are specifically configured for intensive php scripting (gaming) so a stock install will probably timeout at that point. Increase by 5 or 10 every 2-3 reloads and see what happens if you get tired of waiting.


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Over 48 hours running at this point, 48hrs dead in the water. Hope to God it finishes soon & is worth it otherwise this may be it for us and Boonex. Haven't gotten a response from Nathan in 12hrs despite the system showing him online for most of the day.


Andrew if you're around this is exactly what I was talking about the other day during our conversation. Buggy patches and flat out ZERO support fixing it.

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I can't go back and edit this thread, but pretty much ignore everything above. 


Got a hold of Nathan and I must say he went above and beyond trying to solve this one; going to the point of logging into my cpanel to look around himself. We were up until the middle of the night and neither of us could find the issue. Unfortunately by that point the main dev. team had left for the weekend so we were in a holding pattern. The script was running but absolutely nothing was happening. No error_logs anywhere, nothing to go on at all. The host tools all came back green, etc. and this is a 10 year old installation; the entire cloud is specifically configured for Dolphin. 


Users had started reporting that they were unable to upload pics or change their avatars which lead me to start investigating the various image generation plugins we use. I finally figured out GD was disabled in advanced settings, turned that on & it seems to be motoring right along. 


I still maintain that most servers could handle more than 30 files per cycle but at least at this point it's running and I'm able to upload images to the timeline. 


One easy way to check if it's actually running is to check the file count in /modules/boonex/photos/data/files/ this script should be resizing all the *_t.jpg files and creating a new *_t_2x.jpg file so the file count should be going up. 


It's finished as I write this however, took about 15 minutes once I got it working. Posting this here for anyone that happens to hit this issue, I have no idea how GD got switched off, I'm the only one with admin rights.


On a side note @gsicard if some of your images didn't get resized, you should be able to just run the photos_resize.php script again. If you've already deleted the upgrade and moved on, download it and grab the script from upgrade/files/7.1.6-7.2.0/ recreate this directory structure from your root dir and upload the resize script to the 7.1.6.-7.2.0 folder. The script automatically skips any files that already have a _t_2x.jpg file created. To be clear, I haven't tested that but if I'm reading the script correctly that should work; all it does is resize files so it shouldn't hurt to test.

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