Adding free module to market and licence cost.

Just checking this is correct and looking for possible alternative if so.


In order to add anything to market, you need a permanent licence.

Either need to pay a monthly ongoing, or purchase one off for $599


What about the scenario where developers come to work with Dolphin, and are looking to add a free module, or modules to market but are then faced with a larger bill just to do so?


I know of developers who have dolphin 'modules' that have been worked on who are willing to give them away, and support them as they are looking at D as a potential platform to develop for.

However, the cost to add to market puts them off, and giving them them away on forum is not always best option when it comes to supporting them (or exposure).


Is it possible, Boonex can allow (maybe after review) a non premium membership entry to market, for free modules and templates?

Maybe limit to 3 items as this would allow devs to measure up potential market buyers and make paying the permanent fee worth their while.



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I can see your point with this; we need a way for those who want to contribute free modules to be able to do so.  I would be willing to add any free modules and give credit to you but you would have to subscribe to the support forum; I would not want to take on trying to support a module I did not develop.

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well, we can always do what we have been doing - lol. start a thread for the module and post the download as a zip. Just make sure to keep checking the thread for any questions or comments. HL does it a lot.
Quote · 12 Feb 2016

We are planning to introduce separate membership for Market publishers, so if somebody want to publish products in the market they don't have to purchase the license. For a while you can contact us to do it now without waiting.

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Quote · 12 Feb 2016

I think this option SHOULD only be available to publishers prepared to share FREE modules. if a person wishes to commercialise, s/he should purchase Dolphin. You already have cases of people demanding $200 or more for a module. so why should they get a free ride? I guess it would be different if Boonex made money from modules, but encouraging free modules can only boost Dolphin's position in the Social Media market. As it is, Dolphin has considerably less free modules than its competitors. Almost every Elgg module ans many excellent Oxwall modules are free!

Quote · 16 Feb 2016

Did someone say FREE! I love the word FREE! So what modules and when and where can I download them?

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