Admin panel Navigation menu's All items are bulky

In admin panel, navigation menus items are in hundreds.

It is becoming difficult to manage, since the items contents are non viewable and saying non-editable on clicking. 

Atleast it should should show a non-editable window rather than saying non-editable.

Quote · 13 May 2018

Items in the Inactive section can't be edited because  . . . they're inactive.

Once you drag an item to the top they become editable Add what you want, remove what you don't want. The whole thing is very flexible.

Quote · 13 May 2018

Thank you. But, once item dragged it will become active and live.

I would like to see it without making live.

Quote · 14 May 2018

You can't because it's inactive. It's dead! Just drag it up and you'll quickly see what it's meant to do. Other scripts don't allow this much power.

Quote · 14 May 2018
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