Andrew is being a real .... you fill in the blanks

We all thought that Andrew Boon was not a complete blankhead but it appears we are wrong.  Andrew agreed to continue to sell Dolphin licenses and I actually thank him because I felt he was being sincere.  Someone came on the other day asking about buying a license and I directed him to the purchase page.  Just now I went to the purchase page to check on the price because I was leaving a comment on another thread about the huge increase, some 600%, that probably lead to the decline in Dolphin licenses.  Now Andrew just recently had someone willing to spend $599.00 (I think that was the price) for the sole privilege of just removing the Boonex attribution from their site.  However, it appears that Andrew has so much money that he didn't want the man's money because if the current price was there when the man went to purchase a license, I don't think he was so f-ing stupid as to pay the current price.  The current price for a Dolphin license is $2,800.00.  It would have to be a complete idiot to pay Boonex that amount to remove the Dolphin branding.  See folks, the ideal is to completely drive away all Dolphin customers.

By the way, Oxwall will allow you to remove the Oxwall branding for $20.00; just in case you are interested in an alternative platform that isn't Dolphin or UNA; or don't want to do business with Boonex or Andrew Boon.

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Quote · 20 Feb 2019

Could you please provide your calculations for 600% of price increasing ? 

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Quote · 21 Feb 2019

We must have the price Which allows us to provide sustainable support and ongoing development. Ideally it should be a recurring subscription, but if someone has to have a permanent license we decided to collect the one time fee and keep it deposited at an interest account to draw from. The new rice point is adequate to make it sustainable. Otherwise itnwould be a ponzi scheme which simply doesn’t work. Mind you, developer cost now easily goes into $50/h territory And growing. 

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