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Most of you already know that Andrew and his family suffered a great tragedy when their house burned to the ground. If you haven't read his blog post, you can view it HERE. You can tell from the pictures that there was nothing left of it. With the grace of God, him and his family were able to make it out in the nick of time.


If losing their home wasn't enough, the Boon family still faces a hard road ahead to rebuild their lives together as a family. Doctor bills, housing, food, clothing, just to name a few. I have always felt that Andrew has been here for us many of times throughout the years. Now we, the BoonEx community, can come together and be there for Andrew and his family. Let's be the 'Unity' he envisioned and help support our fellow friend and his family in a dire time of need.


There is absolutely no obligations!


Here is a link to their GoFundMe page (this was setup by a family member) if you would like to help out.




P.S. - Andrew, Please do not remove this post Sealed



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No insurance do you mean? In Australia, probably most of them have insurance covering fire. Ok! The insurance does not cover personal items. So we shall give to that?

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How about make some change for the license. Let people sell there site with license included. And put down the price on the license. They will sell more.

''Doctor bills'' as you said. Public hospitals are free in Australia. There are many tragedies out there in the world. I think you do not need to beg on their own website.

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tommi, a number of us have requested this be setup. This is not something being 'pushed' on anyone to do.

Everyone is free to give or not, and I don't see anyone 'begging' anywhere.


Zarcon, thanks for setting it up as some of us have suggested in other posts.


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Zarcon, thanks for setting it up as some of us have suggested in other posts. 

Just want to clarify that a member of Andrew's family started the GoFundMe. I'll amend Chris' post to remove any confusion.

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Thank you!


I am sorry for not posting much in the last 2 weeks. We're still somewhat "unsettled" at the moment and it's hard to commit enough time to work. I will be able to post a good update later this week.


As for insurance question... yes, we did have an insurance, but at the moment it is disputed - the bank has made a mistake mixing up policies with our old house and now want to pin it on us. We are optimistic about eventual outcome, but so far we have to make do without any insurance support. Only friends, family and community, which have all been amazingly helpful and supportive.

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Insurance companies have no problem cashing cheques but when it comes to writing one they will do everything they can to not do so.

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