Buttons not like i want...

Hello, s you see 3 buttons are long and 1 are small.
I want them all small... How to do that?


I know it's css, i don't know wich file..

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Quote · 14 Feb 2021

CSS on Dolphin can get tricky because you may find that changing the CSS in one place affects other places on your site.  The timeline is part of the wall module; so to have it so that you change the CSS only for the timeline, you may have to copy the particular class or ID from the main CSS files to the timeline and then make your changes there.

Now to see what CSS is in play, turn off caching for CSS  in your backend admin panel and use your browser's inspect element feature; you can even play in real time of making changes to see how it will affect the outcome.

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Quote · 15 Feb 2021
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