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Ok, in the Dolphin version of Rocket.Chat, a lot of the fields for the Dolphin OAuth section are hidden. I totally understand why for 3 of them, but - after playing with the unedited version - it is cool to be able to name your button whatever you like instead of being stuck with the arrow and box. Especially for those who may want to allow for more than one OAuth connection - such as Facebook, or Google, or even another Dolphin site. As well as being able to change the text color of the button.
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OK, I have been messing around with this for a while - i have managed to get the fields to appear but i still cant get them to actually work. they save and all - just do not display the new button color or text. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated - i dont see any notes on github showing where that change was made - although i do see where you changed the username being pulled in
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Login button style is in this file: packages/rocketchat-dolphin/login-button.css 

Username is assigned in packages/rocketchat-dolphin/ file, the following code:

class DolphinOnCreateUser
        constructor: (options, user) ->
                        user.username =
                return user
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what i am specifically referring to is the ability to have your own button text, choose the text color, and chooe the button color. This is in the dev version - but not included in the Dolphin version. Using that css file - the best i could come up with was just using my own image - but why have to go through all of that when it was laready included in the original version.
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