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Is anyone still taking on mod developement for Dolphin?  I am looking to intergrate a Chargebee into my v7.3.5 Dolphin.  Chargebee is SAS Membership Subscription suite that takes all the pain out of recurring membership subscriptions. Boonex are using it for UNA but as UNA is not an option for me, would anyone like to create a small mod for me.  I have a healthy budget and can send chocolate if it helps!!



Steve E
Quote · 24 Oct 2019

It does not surprise me that UNA uses yet another third party solution because UNA are full of them.

OK, so this handles the recurring billing and then it hands it off to the actual payment gateway; I assume they take a cut as well as whatever payment gateway is used.

They provide the api; PM me and let me know what sort of budget you have planned for this.

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Quote · 25 Oct 2019
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