D7.3.4 Multi-uploader for ads module


             Just a quick question:

Why is the pics multi-uploader not available for the ads module?

Some of our members have alot of pics they neeed to upload for their ads but need to keep returning to their files and upload single images and it's a time consuming pain in the backside.

Any plans to include the multi-uploader for ads in the near future?

It really would speed up the process of placing ads.



It ain't easy being this stupid all of the time
Quote · 25 Nov 2017

In that case, there would need to be an option to restrict the number of pics as well. I prefer 1 pic per ad but I realise that's not enough in some instances. The current method would certainly make people think about the pics they're posting rather than being trigger happy and posting photos of their car or dog from every angle.

Quote · 26 Nov 2017

but they already have the option to post pics of their dogs and cars from every angle in "photos" JohnK42

Our members are being put off placing ads because it takes so long having to go back and forth to their hard drive to upload single images for their ads.


whether we like it or not, people in general are lazy, fickle and stupid, if it's not easy and fast then they move on.

It ain't easy being this stupid all of the time
Quote · 26 Nov 2017
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