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Is there a way to add more fonts for people to select in the profile customizer? Thanks in advance.

Quote · 27 Apr 2017

This won't answer your question, but t may help you understand a little about fonts. Of course you may already know this.

Until recently there were only a few Web Safe fonts you could use. Web Safe meant that a web page would look the same on almost any computer or operating system. These fonts were Times, Arial, Comic Sands, Courier and one or two others. If you created a web page using any other font, there was no guarantee that the user would see exactly what you designed unless he or she had the same fonts installed on their computer. For this reason and safety, Dolphin and most other scripts use only web safe fonts.

Recently, Google bought out Google Fonts and this allows a web page designer to use almost any font knowing that the end user will see it on their own monitor. To use Google Fonts, you have to do a bit more work when designing your pages. Some third party Templates allow you to use Google Fonts and others don't. I haven't used the Built-in Profile or Page Customisers, but I'd be surprised if they support Google Fonts. Thus, you would have to modify your template font codes to accept Google fonts and that could be time consuming and difficult.

Web Safe Fonts have been chosen carefully to suit all kinds of applications. Other fonts may look good to you, but they may not look good to your end user. On the other hand, if you want them to make the changes at their end, they will have the fonts on their computer, but the changes they make may, or will completely destroy all your hard work. You may end up with complaints that things overlap, stuff is unreadable and your site looks terrible. Keep in mind that any changes your users make may also be very difficult or impossible for them to change.

Also consider that the changes your users make will be seen by others on the site. You could easily end up with a sad case of Alphabet Soup.

Although you may know what you're doing, it's dangerous to assume that your users do.

I'm suggesting that you're taking a backward step in offering your users such luxuries and I strongly suggest you stick with the fonts on offer.

Quote · 28 Apr 2017

I second that John. Giving users that sort of control is a recipe for headaches, discontent, user dissatisfaction and disaster. Good info on the google fonts too Cool

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