Distinguishing between Free and PERMANENT licenses

Since 2009 I have free and PERMANENT licenses. Approximately 20 of them are PERMANENT licenses, unfortunately it is not possible to distinguish which free and which are permanent. Is there a way to find out? If so, without any resets.

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Please send a message to support@boonex.com, and somebody will take a look and help you weed out the free ones.

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I have nearly the same issue. I have been offline some years ans there is still my account from 2009. In my

account is a licence shown, - but no details on it. I wrote 2 mails to the support - but did not get an answer in the past week.

So, if there is only one kind of licence - it should be a "white label" one?

I would be glad to know if i have a licence - because it can´t remember what if have done in the year 2009 ;-)

Thank you.

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