Do we have a module for "Login with Paypal"

Hi To Dolphin Developers,


Are we having a module for "Paypal Login" as we have facebook_connect in boonex?

Quote · 15 Oct 2015

Not yet but I think socialall module may have a connect function for PyPal as well. On the Paypal site there is an instruction for Paypal connect which you can add it to the login interface .

Quote · 16 Dec 2015

I can't imagine anyone wanting to login to a Dolphin website using credentials from a financial transaction site. What would be the point?  It makes zero sense, and no one in their right mind would do it even it were possible.

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Quote · 16 Dec 2015

If I saw that on a website to login with my Paypal account I would run and never look back.. While your at it why not login with you bank account info or savings account.. Oh wait. Paypal is already wrapped up into that..

Quote · 16 Dec 2015
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