Dolphin 7.4.2. Wanted to 15 profile publicize


Maybe someone can help me:

Have Dolphin 7.4.2.

Wanted to publicize 15 profiles.

Unfortunately does not work.

Message from Dolphin:

"Restricted view

Availability of Information is limited by Member privacy. "

But is private setting (profiles and pictures) on public. See Image.

Also, Members have made Profiles and Pictures public.

in memberships:

non-member : view profile and photo

Thanks for your Help

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Privacy Settings1.JPG · 47.5K · 145 views
Quote · 20 Jul 2019

Hello Jurgen!


Please specify how did you want to "publicize 15 profiles"? Not sure if I've got you right.

Quote · 22 Jul 2019

Hi Leonid,

I can not understand what you misunderstand.

  Profiles of the members should be public

all settings "profiles and images" are on public.

Unfortunately, it does not work.

OK, I'll try it myself

Quote · 23 Jul 2019

Now I got it, so plz provide me URLs of these "hidden public" profiles via PM.

Quote · 23 Jul 2019
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