Dolphin Access Denied Installation error


I've been trying to install Dolphin and everything has been going pretty smoothly until I came across this error after I completed the "Configuration" section of the installation.


I recieved this message:


Access denied for user 'charlesk_charles'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


I chose "All Privileges" for my database user, I don't know whats wrong.


I have no experience with installing web site software and I know very little about databases/servers.


If someone can help me, that would be awesome Laughing


Quote · 23 May 2009

That's because you didn't insert the correct DB path,,should be "yourserverloginname_Dbname-on-server",,you also need to make sure you added a new user to the DB name you chose.

Quote · 23 May 2009

charlesk is the server login name and charles is the database name. It was added to the database name. Maybe its because I didnt specify the host port and socket path? Idk though because it had an option to leave it blank.

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yes, those 2 fields can be left empty,,try this instead "serverloginname_sitename"

Quote · 23 May 2009

Didnt work :(

But i figured it out, I don't really know what the problem was, but I just deleted my old database and created a new one.


Thank you for helping me =] 

Quote · 23 May 2009

I've encountered the same problem and found out 2 solutions.

1.You can delete your newly created database without any data in it and create the new one using the link provided on installation page and input all needed information in the required box.

2.The reason why the error message occurred is because you input only Database Name without login name (provided by server when you registered for it's services) for example,


(Login)         (Username)

V                     V



charlesk_ is your login name which will be automatically created by server before you can enter any Database Name or User name. In this case, charles supposed to be a user name for the database (which you have to add this user to your database before installation or during installation)


You have to input both parts correctly with your password. Wait a while for your server to refresh the data and then click on NEXT button to progress your installation.


If the problem persist, try option no.1 (deleting database and create a new one)

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