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Actions menu and site stats:

Does anybody know what file contains the information for what is displayed in this menu? I want to take out some of the options.


Thanks for your time - in advance.

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The actions menu will be in the file


and the stat may be in inc/design.inc.php

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I cant seem to find what to edit anyone know?

I basically want to delete the "get email" link in actions menu

also for CSS

i want to make the text for all of the items in the actions menu smaller, i've tried editing the CSS sheets that have to do with it so far like the font size and nothing happens;/

i have dolphin 6.1.2

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In that file find and remove

if ( !$this -> oTemplConfig -> bAnonymousMode )
$ret .= $oTemplMenu -> getActionsMenuItem( 'action_email.gif', _t('_Get E-mail'),   "javascript:void(0);", '', '', "window.open( 'freemail.php?ID=$profileID', '', 'width={$this -> oTemplConfig -> popUpWindowWidth},height={$this -> oTemplConfig -> popUpWindowHeight},menubar=no,status=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,location=no' );" );




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Something more cusomizable



This mod provides site hit stats for the pages of your choice. See what pages are most popular on your Dolphin site.
Great admin tool, Set up cron job to email you a report of todays activity. Choose what pages are monitored and what pages display on your Home Page Block.

Example Site : http://www.We-People.com/

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step 1 - templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfilesView.php - find (around line 435)

  if(isMember()) {
            $p_arr['cpt_edit'] = _t('_EditProfile');
            $p_arr['cpt_send_letter'] = _t('_SendLetter');
            $p_arr['cpt_fave'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_remove_fave'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_befriend'] = _t('_Befriend');
            $p_arr['cpt_remove_friend'] = _t('_Remove friend');
            $p_arr['cpt_get_mail'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_share'] = _t('_Share');
            $p_arr['cpt_report'] = _t('_Report Spam');
            $p_arr['cpt_block'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_unblock'] = '';
        } else {
            $p_arr['cpt_edit'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_send_letter'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_fave'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_remove_fave'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_befriend'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_remove_friend'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_get_mail'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_share'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_report'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_block'] = '';
            $p_arr['cpt_unblock'] = '';

top section is what members see, bottom is what non members see

if you want to hide a btton, then add '' in place of the _t('_Whatever')

if you want to add a line then copy one of the already existing buttons and just change the name, again, remember top section and bottom section should be identical except for after the =.

Step 2 - Repeat step one one the short_profile_info.php page and BxBaseMailBox.php (this page only has one section for members only) - check the variable though cause they are different on each page.

Step 3 - Make sure to add a language key for each new button you create.

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step 1 - templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfilesView.php - find (around line 435)


First  of all, the last post in this topic was FOUR years ago.

Secondly, it was posted in the Dolphin 6 forum

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sorry - i didnt pay attention to the date and which forum. I was looking for the answer to the same question the other day, and when i got it figured out and saw that there was no answer here, i posted it for reference. sorry if this has upset anyone.

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