Freezing Main Navigation Menu of Dolphin 7.3.3

Hello there,

I am using a licensed Dolphin Software for my new site. 

I have come to an issue, such as: I need to prevent (to block) the top part of my site (incl. Logo - Site title - Navigation Menu) from scrolling up while I will navigate to the down part of the site.

I have tried different ways but I have not been able to do so.

Please, can anyone help me on this issue or show me how to do so.

Thanking in advance for the kind supports. 


Quote · 19 Jun 2017

It's possible to make it fixed by adding the following css into templates/tmpl_evo/css/general.css file and clearing CSS cache in Dolphin:

html .sys_main_logo {
    position: fixed;
html .sys_main_menu {
    position:fixed !important;

html .sys_main_content.sys_main_page_width {

It works only for EVO template and for standard header size.

This modification isn't recommended if your site is used on mobiles, since it will consume a lot of area and it will be difficult to use your site.

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Quote · 24 Jun 2017

Hi Alex,


Thanks for your kind reply. I will try it soon.





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