Gruppe View Error 500

Hi, folgendes Problem/Frage.

Aus der Gruppenübersicht gelange ich nicht mehr in die Gruppe selbst, anstatt der Gruppenseite bekomme ich einen ERROR 500


Wo könnte ich nach demFehler suchen?

THX, schönen Tag, Peter

Quote · 16 Apr 2018

500 is a server error.  There are several things that can cause the server to output error 500; often it is a misconfiguration in the .htaccess file.  A 500 error can also be caused by the old Facebook sharing code; in that case you need to update the Facebook code as outlined in a forum post on Boonex.

Of course I am sort of guessing here because I can't read the post but I could read the error 500 part Tongue Out

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Thx geek-girl!

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