How do i change the copyright footer.

How do i change the copyright for the page footer.
BooneX Version : 7.3.5
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Look in Language Settings ?filter=copyright

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Hi Tarzan89,

Getting answers to questions on this forum is not always easy. You were lucky TravelNotes was there to help. The best place to start before asking any question is to do a search of the forum.

To see what I mean, enter change copyright in the search box and you'll see the question has been asked and answered before. it's not uncommon to wait days, if not weeks for an answer, but you can often get one instantly by doing a search.

Here's a tip: Instead of using the search box, you can also use Google. When doing a search for Dolphin, always add the word Boonex after the query: change copyright boonex.

Try it.

You often get more and far better results.

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Hello tarzan89!


You may refer to this manual

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