How do show link icons on timeline

How do you show the icons on timeline without hiding them



Quote · 28 Dec 2020

I assume you want the dropdown box to remain open? I can't help you, but it's done the way it is for a reason. Firstly, not many people comment on timeline posts and secondly, commenting is not a feature of many sites. 

I'm guessing you want the timeline to work like Facebook's wall or feed, or whatever they call it, where people comment even when they have absolutely nothing to comment about.  If that's what you want, you may have to consider a Facebook clone module, but most of the modules like that don't seem to be supported any more.

Quote · 29 Dec 2020

I think he wants the menu to be visible at all times instead of the drop down menu.  I am not sure at this time; I would have to look at the template.  It is a function of the template.

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