Install error 500 during initial install

I am currently trying to install version 7.2.1 Dolphin. (This version because it's the last version that all my modules worked)


I have downloaded the Dolphin script, by cPanel into public_html directory.


When I initially start to install dolphin from URL, it immediately comes up with the mentioned error below. I have attempted numerous times to know avail. 


This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.




Can someone explain what is going on? I have followed install directions to the T.

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Error 500 is a server error.  500 errors can be caused by php; I have seen it so that is why I mention it.  500 errors can also be hard to track down.


I am guessing you have modules that haven't been updated in the market.  Most modules compatible with Dolphin 7.3.5 will work with 7.4.x by changing the class constructor.


Make sure you have a lower version of php for Dolphin 7.2; if php 7 is set, Dolphin won't work and could cause the 500 error; see first paragraph above.

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Ahh I see. SO you have found by adjusting Constructors, they work? Thats exactly the reason I was going to use the version that worked with the modules I purchased so long ago.


So if this is the case It should be safe to say I can use latest version of Dolphin?

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