Could someone please help me with getting my DNS setup. I'm not quite sure where to begin. I read the documentation and am still confused. Do I need to buy a mySQL license and cPanel license first? I'm wanting to try out Boonex so shouldn't it be free? I was given my domain and name servers but am now stuck.

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Someone may give you a free phone, but you still have to pay to have it connected. 
You really sound like you need help, so I suggest you forget doing it alone and sign up for a server such as Zarconia. I use them, they are excellent and they will install Dolphin for you. I'm not sure of the rates, but you can find out here:

If you insist on doing it alone, here's basically what happens. The fact that you have name servers, means that you have dome part of this already:

  1. Download Dolphin - Free
  2. Download and install an FTP client - considered essential. I use WINSCP
  3. Choose a hosting Service provider. They need to supply the following in their hosting package:
    - MYSQL
    - PHP
    - A Control Panel (Can be CPanel)
    -Service (Dolphin is quirky and needs certain PHP functions to be activated.)
  4. Obtain a Domain name (Sounds Like You've Done This)
    - Go to your control Panel and enter your Name Server details and Domain details.
    - Wait 48 hours for the Domain to appear on the Internet.
    - While on the Control Panel, select PHPMyAdmin and create a database. Remember the name,      username and password..
    - Check regularly by typing or whatever.
    - When you see a page saying the domain exists, you are ready to boogy/
  5. Open WINSCP and FTP (copy) Dolphin to the Home Directory of your server.
  6. Enter Http:// again and a Dolphin splash page should appear. It will ask you to install Dolphin.
    - Do the install using the database name, user and password you created above.
    - Set up a Cron Job
    - Dolphin should now run.

Or for a few dollars someone at Zarconia will do all this for you and more!

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