Is Dolphin script customizable at all

I just need some advises from the community here. I have tried everywhere to get my bought dolphin customized for me since 2008 when late Mike Letcher was working for this company and are still waiting up to date. I just wonder if this dolphin script can be customized at all for a customer like me who bought 94 license and are here seating and waiting since 2012 for customization of this script for me. I have paid different companies and got nothing in return. Could anyone tell me if this script can be customized at all or should I look elsewhere for a better dating script which can be customized to realize my dreams of having my own dating site. I am greatly disappointed and unsatisfied customer at the same time and demand the admin to customize this script for me free of charge since I have paid here and there without any result since 2010

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Everything ist customizeable because it is open source. Maybe you did not get the right developer? - your resource for Dolphin Pro
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having aid a total of 25k for this customization to different companies I demand boonex now to treat me as a customer and help me customize this script. I have suffered a lot and waited for many years in vain

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I don't know who you got but you got scammed.  There are good developers but I would not just post out on the net for developers but come to the community where you can get those who know Dolphin.  Some bloke in India claiming to know Dolphin probably doesn't.  And if I step on any Indians toes I don't care, H-1B has robbed many IT persons of their jobs only to be replaced by an Indian that held a fake degree.

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You can not hold Boonex liable for custom work outside of their control.  I am sorry you lost your money from scammers.  However, the community is here to help you.

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you want your script customized list your customization's that your require and also do your research if as you say you have been with this script all those years then surly your would of done your research.

there is so so many Great Developers with this script and the forum is a great place to start.

but you can't simply take a toaster out of its box and expect it to be a kettle.

sorry but anyone who claims to have spent that kinda of money without doing there research is bonkers no offence.

first things first instead of moaning at Boonex i can assure you that there script works perfect out of the box so from there side of things what they sold you works.

in all these years Dolphin has Evolved.

Heres something to get you started.

1 what version of dolphin are you working with 

2 what Operating System are you using

3 what do you want the end result to be, provide examples

4 what do you want changed.

5 more research find out by searching on currant Developers on there projects and if they have made modifications similar to yours.

6 search the forums on peoples general take on what they feel is there preferred Developer

7 contact Developer but do not hand over cash until you and them are satisfied they can do the job

8 be patient all the Great Developers here are super super busy they can and will help but you need to be patient

9 stay in contact with the said Developer

10 on job completion give feedback positive tell everyone negative then tell the developer first this allows them to put it right first.

Good Luck!!!

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@wesways - good advice.

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Wow allot money to lose, I try to stick with developers from this site. If I see something I like I asked to get it customized for my particular needs. One of the things I do suggest is reading reviews and making forum post asking about developers here. Some of them have gone and still have paypal accounts taking money. While others just give very bad service while others are great at responding and making sure their module work. Some actually make it impossible for you to install their module so you have to pay them extra so be sure to ask around before buying.

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Yes, Dolphin is 100% customisable. As others noted, it's a LAMP open-source platform, which happens to be the most popular stack among developers worldwide, making it easy to find help.


Boonex team does not offer customisation service for Dolphin at all. Plenty of developers at Boonex Market and elsewhere that do. They are all independent. We don't take commissions and we don't have any means of control over them. All we can do is make sure that those registered at Boonex Market are observing the community rules. If they don't, we can suspend their account. That's all the leverage we have. 


Regardless of which platform you use, Dolphin or any other, if you seek external help you may end up with a really bad or a really good result. Research, ask around and assess work frequently before investing any money. Even when you find someone, pay only in small iterations, for bite-sized results that work.


Now, I have to say that this is a common, very very very serious, pressing issue. A lot of webmasters get trapped in endless loops of customisation rounds with little to no marketable results. We may not be directly liable for that, but we do sympathise and want to address this issue. Webmasters often have confused expectations about what can be customised and what implications the changes may bring. If you stick to "stock" setup and only customise via admin settings, you would have no problems with updates and any technical issues can be rightfully addressed to the platform developer. If you modify core modules, however, expect an ever-increasing flow of compatibility issues. If the mod is absolutely critical for your idea, you need to find the right people that would not only implement it but would support this implementation for years to come. Even the smallest custom changes have serious long-term consequences. We know it all too well, and that's why we make all those "builders" that allow customisation without modification. In UNA, for example, we have taken it to an extreme, painstakingly isolating every modification into own "app", which can be activated/deactivated without disruption to the rest of the site. Our plan is to not support/promote any non-modular modifications in UNA at all. If someone needs something special in UNA, they would have to get us or someone else to develop "tailored apps", which cost a lot more than the platform itself and have to be maintained/paid-for through ongoing monthly service subscriptions. Tailored apps are for webmasters with bigger budgets. It's something in between of using stock software and hiring own full-time development/engineering team. 


One of the reasons why we renamed Dolphin into Dolphin Pro is that the site operator needs to be somewhat of a professional. Not necessarily in coding, but at least in operating a CMS-driven website... finding the right people to help, trying settings, asking in forums, etc. Boonex community is relatively anarchic and open. You have to navigate dangers to find gems. 


UNA, on the other hand, offers more customisation potential via Studio and extensions marketplace is tightly controlled. It's a "just works" platform for non-technical people. If your ideas go beyond Studio capabilities, prepare to pay around $1600/month or risk getting in big trouble. 

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