Licenses (again)

Yestarday there wasn't any of my licenses that I bought. Today they are back. I don't understand how those licenses work so a few questions:

1. I entred a license number on my local machine to test things and it has been registred for localhost. Now when I want to use this license number on my produciton machine it doesnt work - how can I change the domain?

2. I downloaded ad-free version and I would like to test ray plugins without buying the ad-free license so I'm puting free licenses but they don't work - it will work only with Free version or it doesnt metter?

3. In Ray licenses there is a * at the end of all of them - it is part of the licenses or should it take it out?

Bonnex promises a lot of value, but it's quite buggy. I wish they focus themselves on QA than on develoment of new things. Also I don't see any workflow for dev, stating and production servers in case of licenses.

Quote · 21 May 2008

For domain change plz. contact boonex. You should enter ad-free license for ad-free version.

Quote · 21 May 2008
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