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Quote · 12 Sep 2015

Hello, just how do I get the free installation? When I tried to apply the download it says it is the wrong format?

Quote · 22 Sep 2015

For installation request, send a private message containing the credentials for FTP or Cpanel and for the Dolphin administration area.
Quote · 24 Sep 2015

I just installed this Template and it seems I've lost some of my Tom Menu items, and the one's showing don't have the drop down items.

What did I miss?



Quote · 28 Sep 2015

if you want to get the nav menu working with mouse and scroll wheel be sure you get on admin panel: templates settings

 25 or 30 more then Number Of Main Menu Tabs Visible To Members Outside Of "More" Tab 

 25 or 30 more Number Of Main Menu Tabs Visible To Guests Outside Of "More" Tab

and submid

put your cursor on nav menu and scroll with wheel from your mous it must working 


and there no dropdown menus on it only if you go to your profile on sub menu item div 

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Quote · 29 Sep 2015

Thanks, I think I'm o.k. now.

Quote · 29 Sep 2015

Thank you for your answer camperjz :-)
Quote · 29 Sep 2015

your updated zip file can download bud not open it 

Quote · 30 Sep 2015


your updated zip file can download bud not open it 

 The Zip file is only 1kb so it was not uploaded right. What is the updated in it?

Quote · 30 Sep 2015

I also can not unzip the file

Quote · 1 Oct 2015

Now we updated the correct package.
Quote · 2 Oct 2015

I updated to your latest file. I have a few problems.

1. The menu bar for desktop only loads 16 menu tabs, no matter what you set it at in the admin. (With my laptop there is no scroll) Why is there no arrows to click for desktop like there is on the tablet or phone?

2. The menu tab wording on the desktop overlaps with longer names. Tablets are fine and spaced good. smaller devices like phones and desktops overlap.

3. Back to the top does not show on my site? On any device.


Please let me know what I need to do to fix this issues..

Thank You

Quote · 3 Oct 2015

1. Arrow for Desktop - Add this line in end of abserve.css file

#abserve_menu:hover .owl-controls {display: block;}

2. You can control the displaying menu icon -

3. Please make the two image extension(loading.GIF, top.GIF) filename as lowercase. .GIF to .gif

Path: templates/tmpl_lovely_dating/images

Screenshot -

You can also check our support forum -
Quote · 3 Oct 2015

I'm missing some text in the Title Bar for Groups > Forum.


I can highlight, and use the Text.


How can I fix this?


Otherwise everything else seems to be working just great.


site url:





Quote · 4 Oct 2015

Add below code in end of the abserve.css file

path: templates\tmpl_lovely_dating\abserve\css\abserve.css


td.notActive a {color: #fff;opacity: .9;}


Thank You
Quote · 5 Oct 2015

I added the line but there was no change. The bottom of the file looks like this:


@media(max-width: 767px){

  #abserve_menu:hover .owl-controls {display: block;}


.bx-form-input-emoji {z-index:1;}

td.notActive a{color:#fff;opacity:.9;}

Quote · 5 Oct 2015

We have tested in your website.

Still, Your changes not affected in abserve.css file.

Please clear your dolphin cache and check it once again.
Quote · 5 Oct 2015

I don't know why but the code was changing when I made them using Frontpage. So, I made the changes on my desktop and uploaded the files again. 

Now, all the menu items are there.



Quote · 5 Oct 2015

how do I get zodiacs shown in this templates?

Quote · 19 Oct 2015

about missing some text in the Title Bar, I have the same problem with ads module.

Quote · 20 Oct 2015

Add below code in end of the abserve.css file

Path: templates\tmpl_lovely_dating\abserve\css\abserve.css

.breadcrumbs a {color: #E3E9F1;}
Quote · 21 Oct 2015

The problem I'm seeing now after turning on the Member Menu is the Bottom Menu shows up in the middle of the page on my Home Page. The Bottom Menu is in the correct place on all the other pages. See screenshot:


I want to use the Member Menu so is there something I can change to fix this?




Quote · 11 Nov 2015

Clear your dolphin cache and check it.
Quote · 30 Nov 2015

Hi lexsus,

Regarding zodiacs sign, Enable zodiacs option in your admin panel.

Goto Admin -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enalble zodiacs -> Save.


Then Copy the Zodiac folder(path: templates/base/images) to tmpl_lovely_dating template folder.
Quote · 30 Nov 2015

How would I hide the banner and/or the thumbnails?

Quote · 4 May 2016

Add below code at the end of the abserve.css file

Hide Banner - div#abserve_slider {display: none;}

Hide Thumbnail - div.sp-bottom-thumbnails {display: none;}


Quote · 4 May 2016

Hello. Login-Join does not look close icon.
How can I adjust this?

Quote · 14 Jul 2017

Please check the update in the demo site:

and download the latest package from this link:

Sent you private message also in Boonex. Please check

Quote · 19 Jul 2017

I have update from 19.07.2017                                           


Quote · 20 Jul 2017
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