Members do not find SIM Messenger / Messenger


I have a stupid question:

unfortunately I do not find in my Dolphin 7.4.2:

SIM Messenger (simple Messenger)

and Messenger

I have installed.

my Members do not find.

there are no Buttem

I can not find items in the Menu Builder

thanks for help

Quote · 24 May 2019

Simple messenger only works when your member clicks on another member's profile when that member is online. As far as I know, you can't sent a chat message to someone who's not there.


To test it, visit a member who you know is online.


Alternatively, create a fake or test profile and log on. Then open another browser and log on as yourself. Visit the test profile and you should see the message field.

Quote · 24 May 2019

Hello Jurgen!


As johnk42 answered (thank you!) you need to have 2 profiles online and under the actions set they will see the message input fields. See attached screenshots

mess0.png · 414.3K · 138 views
mess1.png · 349.3K · 125 views
mess2.png · 325.7K · 170 views
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Hallo Jürgen!


Als johnk42 geantwortet hat (danke!), Müssen 2 Profile online. Siehe beigefügte Screenshots

 I thank you all I will look

Quote · 24 May 2019

I set up 2 face accounts.

But I only look for men when they go to women's actions.

But see the chat. is very simple the chat

When I sign up for a women's face account, there is no chat in the Actions box.

Many thanks for your help

Quote · 25 May 2019

I may suggest that this woman on your site has a membership level without allowed "simple messenger use" action.

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