Hi, I've been instructed to post this here while the jobs section is being rebuilt. Here is a list of my requirements, please make offers with pricing and time for completion. Many thanks, Perren


1) I need the FRIENDS TIMELINE block moving to the HOME page, it is currently on the ACCOUNT page.

2) I need a Ticker style gallery block building for the PROFILE page. This a 'shop window' type of display for the registered users business acquaintance. The purpose of this is a link to Facebook, each of my users has business acquaintances with a Facebook profile. I want these profiles displayed in the Ticker gallery, then if another user views a profile they can see the users business acquaintances. Basically in this Ticker gallery it shows the acquaintances Facebook page, a little bit like watching a YouTube video embedded in someones page in Facebook. This must have the facility to show a basic photo, in case a business acquaintance does not have a Facebook profile. This must scroll all the users acquaintances.
3) Upon registering, I need the user to select a distance they wish to operate within from their registered 'hometown' 0-50km, 0-100km, 0-500km etc. Once a distance option is selected, the WORLDMAP will only default to this region for the user. Also, only other users registered within this region will appear in the OUTLINE postings and PUBLIC PHOTO.
4) I need the PROFILE PHOTO on the PROFILE page to fill the squire it is in plus make the actual size of the square longer by approx a third. Or at least reduce the border size by a large amount.
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Just curious - are you posting as a job because of time needs, or possibly coding experience? I ask because you may be able to get assistance accomplishing what you need  and doing it yourself - if you have the time.
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