I have my domain with 1and1, I'm using Zarconia to host my website.  I don't want to transfer my domain to Zarconia, but I can't find any instructions on changing my nameserver on 1and1 to point to Zarconia servers.

I installed the Dolphin Pro software and can see a Server Name called "Loire".  Is that what I put in the nameserver field in the DNS settings?  Or, is there something else I need to know.


Not a technical person, appreciate any help. 

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Hi, this is Nathan from Zarconia.

For any questions at all about your hosting or site with us, please use our support ticket system. From there, we'll be able to provide full support with a timely response.

You don't need to transfer your domain to us to use our hosting. You can just update the name servers at your current registrar, and the domain will then start to point to our server instead. It sounds like you're on, so the name servers to set would be:


If you open a ticket with us, I can confirm this and can also update the name servers for you. For any further help on this issue or for anything else, please use our ticket system at

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Hi Nathan,


I appreciate you responding to me and providing this information.  I'll use these name servers and see if that works and if not, I'll open a support ticket. 


Once again, many thanks.

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