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Hi.  The default layout for the Navigation Menu just seems very overwhelming (a TON of items in SEVERAL menu headings).


Is there a way to just have a few items?  What items have you found to be most useful to include?



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One of the reasons I was attracted to Dolphin was the ability to structure the Navigation Menu in almost any way I wanted. You can have as many, or as few items as you want and even rename things. It can be a forbidding task to get things right and I'm still fine-tuning mine.

Someone could write a book on the navigation menu alone but to get started, go to:

Admin/builders/Navigation Menu. 

Depending on how many menu items you have, the Menu Builder page can be quite long. Take your time and be careful. Things don't move around as easily as they should.

  • Blue Items - These are the main menu listings. Click on each one to see the default name.
  • Green Items - These are the sub menu listings. Ditto.
  • Grey Items - Called All Items. These are unused items and they're lower down the page
  • Pink Items - Used by the system. Leave alone.

Look at each menu listing, sub items (Green) and drag the ones you don't want below the "Active Area" to the "All Items" Area. Release your mouse button and the items should slide across the the All items stack.

Everyone has different needs, so we'll all use different sub-menu items. In my case, I limit them to just a few because most are not really needed.

Where it can get difficult is when you add items. You may see several blocks with the same name in the All Items area, but each item actually does something different.  Because you can't view an item's content in this area, you must slide it to the Active Items area to see if it's what you want. It would be great if the items were labelled a bit more intuitively, but they're not.

WARNING You can easily mess with the menu to the point where it becomes unusable. I strongly suggest you practice on a test site. and CHECK every change you make.

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