Newbie in Dolphin need to ask about positioning.

Hello everyone,

Greetings. I just start to using Dolphin in last week. Just have a simple question here.

How do I want to move the position in my main page. Etc: Latest News move to left side... Blog move to right hand side?...

Need guides...

Thank you.

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First you have to log in to your admin panel. Then click on "Builders" a menu will open, click on "Homepage Builder"....

when you have done that you will see all your Homepage blocks. Hover over the block you want to move. When you see the four-way cursor click on the block and move it to where you want it. You can also add or remove blocks. To remove a block drag the block down to the bottom where it say "All Items". If you want to add a block just do the opposite.

Hope this helps, Rob

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Thanks alot man.

i appreciate that...

thank you very much.

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