Open letter to Andrew

Dear Andrew Boon,


I am a long time user of Boonex. When I bought this Script, I thought, this is a Script for the future. I have invest more than 3000$. Maybe you think, this is not a lot, but I am a private Person and get no income with my Websites. I have a normal Job and pay all from myself. I run a selfhelp community. I do this with love and I am ready to pay for this. So, I thought Boonex was the right way for me. Now, I see, that Boonex get no more Support and all is focused to move Boonex to UNA. For me is Boonex a great Script and it works fine. I invest some money in Moduels. I hosted my Sites with Zarconia, but since Nathan is gone, there is no Support and I am afraid, that some day, all my Sites are away. Now, I see, how helpfull Nathan was. He gaves me a lot of Support, not only for Boonex, for all my Scripts and the Server configuration. Now, is death for me, I get no answer over 1 mounth for a Support-Ticket, that is not normal. When I looking at all, what happens the last weeks, I see, that Boonex is ready for death and all Boonex Customers should be move to UNA. I think, this is crazy. UNA is actual a RC- Version, this is not a Beta-Version and not a Full-Version and it is not ready to use it live. I don´t know, what really is behind at this action. For me, it seems, that you want more Money and everybody who do not want this, you say goodbye to them.


Why must Bonnex die?

Why it is not possible to run Boonex Dolphin parallel with UNA?
What happens with all my licenses?
Why is there no more Support on Zarconia?
How useful is it, to offer Boonex for new Costumers?


I don´t understand, why you kill Boonex Dolphin, when there are such a lot People, who like this Script at it is. I understand, you want make money and this is legitim, but when people are ready to pay for this script, why you shut down it?


Let Dolphin and UNA live together each other!


For me a really NO-GO is, that since you have made the Site-Update, I can´t read any personal Message here. I tried it with 3 different Browser. Is it now not allowed to communicate with other people on your Website??


Kind Regards,



Quote · 4 Dec 2018

Thank you, Andy. 


We are not closing/killing Dolphin or Boonex. You can see the "support up to 2023" statement, which is just an assurance on the current state, but beyond that, we expect to be able to provide a seamless upgrade path to UNA-based implementation. An update for current DolphinPro will be available early next year. 

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Quote · 5 Dec 2018

Andrew the point here is that support is apaulling.  No ticketing system for a company with as many installations as you are boasting is a joke.  As is your response to this post.  Andy is clearly looking for help and for his support needs to be answered yet you make no reference to his needs.


Lets just face facts here. Your support does not work.  Sending emails to, and as per your instruction all go unanswered.


How can you justify this? 

Steve E
Quote · 5 Dec 2018

Hello Andrew, thanks for your answer. This show me a little bit of respect. But it seems, that you read my message in 2 minutes and answers only to one point. I have wrote some questions, but you do not answer to one. It seems for me, that a old customer like me, is for you only trash. Sorry, but I have lost all my trust to you. I know now, that from you, come no more support. You are focused on you new project UNA and your old customers from Boonex Dolphin are trash. I have never made so bad experiences like with, since Boonex have overtake them. It makes me very sad. But I know, that is not important for you.

Can you tell me, what is important for you? Is there a Way, that Boonex Dolphin Customers can run this Script ago?

Quote · 5 Dec 2018

@ irreversibel

You might want to back up all your site files and your databases so that you don't lose anything.  I can help with this if you have root access (don't put info here but you can PM me and i can provide an off Boonex contact).  Root access just makes it easier because I can quickly tarball your entire vhosts directory with all your sites.

If you want to migrate away from the current Zarconia, I can help with that as well.  It is also possible to do server to server migrations as well; server to server migrations are also easier with root access to the server.

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Quote · 6 Dec 2018

Andrew, we don't think you are being completely honest here.  You have come in and change the Dolphin site twice now.  Both are still indicating to people coming into the site that it is UNA and not Dolphin they should be using.  Also, irreversible is correct, you are telling people to set up their sites with beta UNA, yes, it is RC 13 now but that is still beta and not ready for any production sites.

Now I understand that Boonex is moving to a subscription type operation; that is understandable.  Many companies have moved to software as a service.  Microsoft has done that with it's OS and Office suite.  Adobe has move Creative Suite to a subscription service.

There was no need to redo the Dolphin site.  You could have mentioned and linked to UNA over at; stating that a (somewhat} new platform was being developed; come and take a look.  However, what you did was to take the Dolphin site and change it into an advert for UNA that is still in beta but you are acting as if people should install it and run live sites with it; and no, they shouldn't.  Test sites, yes, and many are giving you free labour testing your for profit product; of course I have already gotten into that over at

I have always wanted Boonex to be a thriving company because I wanted Dolphin to continue on.  If you will eventually kill Dolphin then I lose all interest in Boonex.  I might could consider UNA if you got rid of that really shitty admin interface.  Eight years ago that interface might have look spiffy but not now.  It is cumbersome to use and guess what, sys admin don't need eye candy; what they need is a simple straight forward admin panel.  Leave the sliding buttons to the front end for members; in the backend they just add bloat to the code and serve no useful purpose.  Damn, copy the admin from Dolphin into UNA, it is worlds better than the Studio in UNA.

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Quote · 6 Dec 2018
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.