PHP 7.4 goes EOL 28 November

Going EOL means that there will be no security fixes for 7.4.30. The 7.x branch is dead; there won't be a 7.5 or 7.6. PHP developers only support a release for two years. While I feel the current way that PHP is developed is wrong, I have no control over it. Often, people on shared hosting are forced to change PHP version, even if it breaks their website or they have to pay the hosting extra to continue using an older PHP version. 

I have some Dolphin sites I maintain and eventually they will need to run on PHP 8. I am not running into the night screaming over the EOL of PHP 7.4 at this time; I doubt that after November that major security issues will be found by hackers; although waiting until a version of PHP goes EOL is the perfect opportunity to start looking for issues to exploit websites.

Boonex promised "Dolphin 7.x will be supported and maintained until December 2023."  However, they have not kept that promise.  There are several reported bugs; along with the fixes, in the 7.4.2 release and Boonex refuses to release an update with those bugs fixed.  I doubt they care if we can run Dolphin on PHP 8.x or not.

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What is the best php version to run dolphin in?  I started this project some years back but have the time to complete it now, I am somewhat invested in completing dolphin instead of using UNA because of the modules I have already purchased.

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7.4 because it's the last release Dolphin will work on. It doesn't like 8.

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Thank you, Johnk42, for your almost correct response. Dolphin 7.4.2 may be compatible with PHP 7.0 and 7.1. However, it is recommended to launch it in an environment with PHP 5.5-5.6 for optimal performance. Please note that all the aforementioned PHP versions are now outdated.

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@Leonid, that really looks like you're doing your best to promote UNA.

The question asked by @sybersolutions  was What is the best php version to run dolphin in?

May I refer you to:

Andrew Boon posted 11th of February 2019 in News. 9 comments.

After a long wait, our legacy platform - Dolphin 7 receives a much-needed update. The most important improvements are PHP7 compatibility (minimal supported PHP version is now 5.4.0), user-data export (for GDPR compliance) and iframe embeds for Audio and Video. Additionally, over 60 issues have been addressed.  Upgrade instructions and patch download - m/trac/dolphin/wiki/7.3.5 -7.4.0

As anything prior to version 7 of PHP is history, why would you even suggest they're the best versions?









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I'm running two sites with 7.4.2, plus two forks on PHP7.4 and all are running perfectly.

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Thank you for your confirmation that Dolphin also runs well on PHP 7.4. Anyway, this version isn't modern too :-( because The end of life date for PHP 7.4 was November 28, 2022.

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Just like all other company out there they do not give a rats ass about the people that keep them in business and do not care rather or not people prefer to run older versions or not, of coarse people can always say to to hell with the main company and start up their own support site,

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