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ich habe über Deano Tools einen neuen PHP Block erstellt auf einer Seite. Was muss ich machen, um diesen Block mehrsprachig zu bekommen?

Wenn ich das über Language Keys mache, erhalte ich dort die Überschriften, aber nicht den eigentlichen Text.


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Language keys are handled by the Dolphin function _t(); so you need to call that function in your php code to translate the key.  For example _t('_my_french_language_text_here')

You can get a list of the functions and classes but they are not complete; or at least I was told.

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Thank you Geek_girl, but i am a 100% newbie:-( I dont understand. where do I have to install _t?

my project is:, i have created a php block "about artaid international" on pagebuilder php block, the header are translatet, but the text no..............

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_t() is a built in Dolphin function; you just call it on the page.  You create the language key in the admin; settings -> language settings. and then you add in the text for each translation.

As an example, if you place the following in a php block; don't add the opening and closing tags in a php block, just the code:

echo _t('_my_about_text');

Then the output in the block will be your about text; you create the key _my_about_text in the admin and add in the text you want displayed. The function will pull out the correct translation based on the language selected by your members.

Of course that was a basic example. you would need to say a bit more about what you wanted to do exactly.

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Ich möchte, dass ein Text auf der englischen Seite in Englisch erscheint und auf der deutschen Seite in Deutsch.

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