Page Builder with an HTML block

Hello everybody,

in the Page Builder with an HTML block

link a picture.

  Unfortunately the link cannot be saved.

what is wrong?

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Quote · 18 Dec 2020

The image you supplied doesn't contain the full link, thus it's difficult to comment. My guess is that the URL is wrong. Go to the image in Google, and copy/paste the link in the address bar. If that doesn't work, save the image to your computer, then upload it into a private folder on your site and use that URL. Just create a new folder and assign it "Me Only".


The Dolphin HTML block isn't brilliant. Try using a Text block and see how you go,

Quote · 18 Dec 2020

the link is correct.

I found out after a long trial

if i upload two pictures and want to link one, it works

it's really weird, but it works.

Thank you Jognk42 for your comment.

Wish you nice days and always healthy

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