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I tried all the way to install Dolphin 7.3.5

  1. I am tried to install so many times Dolphin 7.3.5 manually. but i could not do it completely. i am not a web developer may be that's why i am facing this problem. but still i want to do it manually by myself. i watched so many youtube tutorials, tried by changing permission of "inc" with 755, 777 & 555. but i could not do this yet.
  2. I also tried softaculous one click installer from cpanel. i did this also so many times successfully. but every time i open dolphin control panel to login after installed, it was open only for a moment and after that moment that login page shows "http error 500".


Now Please i need help. before buy premium i want to run my site and test.


Thank you so much 

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Quote · 21 Apr 2018

Oddly enough, Dolphin is one of the easiest scripts to install. Provided you have a database ready and a program like WinSCP or Filezilla running in the background, it should take five minutes or less from go to woe. 

However, it's essential that your server will run Dolphin and that's the problem. Many servers won't.

I've struck problems on several servers, so I went for and recommend Zarconia, which I know works. 

There are several requirements in the PHP. and Apache files which must be set and some Service providers have these set differently. A few you can alter and a few you will have to ask your provider to do. In some instances, he may prefer not to. 

The fact that Dolphin can be installed via CPanel and Softaculous is no guarantee that it will work on your server.

500 errors are usually associated with problems in Dolphin's .htaccess file. If you can access your Apache logs, you may get the answer there.

The program will run if you haven't made /inc/header.php read only or you have set your cronjobs, but the latter will create problems down the track. Do both before trying to go live.

My guess is that something is not right server side.


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