Photo Upload Form (Partly) Explained

I've finally discovered the logic behind the Upload form for the Photos Module and now it all makes sense - sort of!

Intuitive it is not. It had me confused until yesterday and it was only after reading a very old post on this forum about another matter that everything fell into place.

If you're getting complaints about the Photos Module, then join the club. This post should help you understand the logic(?) behind the upload form and maybe you can pass it on to your members for what it's worth.

On a clean install, the upload form offers the following options:

   Create New Album...
   Admin's Photos
   Admin's Cover Photos

Album Name
   Today's date (is offered as a suggested name)

Allow Viewing Album to
   Me Only
   Public (Default)

There are dozens of posts on this forum stating that Create New Album... is confusing and it also encourages members to create a new album every time they upload a photo.

People also complain that every time they upload a new photo their profile photo is automatically replaced.

Here's why!

The wording for the album options should actually be:

   Create New Album...
   Admin's Profile Photo(s)
   Admin's Cover Photo(s)

Dolphin expects you to use Admin's Photos or Admin's Profile Photos for profile photos and nothing else. The assumption is that your last uploaded profile photo is your current preference. Thus it automatically replaces the existing profile photo.

Because Admin's Photos or Admin's Profile Photos should be used for profile photos only, it is listed as second choice.

Create New Album... is listed as first choice simply because there is currently nowhere for you to store your everyday photos. You must first create an album!

So instead of offering the date as a suggested album name, something like My Photo Collection may be more appriate here.

Wasn't that simple? 

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Yes, the photo section of Dolphin needs a lot of work.  The menu structure is awful.  I still have trouble finding my way around the menu structure to do something and I have been using Dolphin since 2012.

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