Premium Technologies ruined me!

Two months back I decided to hire Premium Technologies as a website developer and hosting provider of my real estate business. They claimed to have expert people who would give me a beautifully designed website and a quality hosting support. But after a few weeks passed I came to realize that I just threw my hard earned money into thin air. I already faced a huge loss. So, I recommend my friend and others not to choose Now I need web related service to solve my website problem and build a new one. Please suggest me some good names. 

Quote · 13 Sep 2018

Did you contact them here on Boonex? Did they work on Dolphin site?


Looks like a group from Pakistan, presenting as UK-based entity, and featuring services they use as "partners". 

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Quote · 14 Sep 2018

The website wouldn't have inspired me to trust them.

I prefer to do as much as I can myself, so that only I can ruin me.

Sorry to hear that things went badly for your project but thanks for warning others.

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Quote · 14 Sep 2018
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