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Dolphin 6.0.0005

I have just moved my entire site to a new directory and database, I copied all images and video over.Everything can be seen except the Primary Profile pic although the pics still appear in the Profile Pic Gallery for all users. Are these pics kept in a different folder that I havent copied over? How can I get all users primary profile pics to display?

I posted this on boonexnerd , copied over user php files from the cache folder overwriting existing ones and this still did not help.  please anybody??

Quote · 18 Jun 2008

Profile pics will be in media/images/profile

Quote · 19 Jun 2008

Profile pics will be in media/images/profile

Praveen, that was one of the 1st things I checked, all pics are where they are supposed to be.

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sorted it myself

played around with the database and found where to make the change

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I think your problems are solved. Post the solution that you applied here. that will help others too.

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I moved my site from one install to another.

In my case, during the move to a new site, three members joined and uploaded profile pictures on the old active site (after I had done a database dump) In order for the profile pics to show for these new members on the new site, I had to export and import back into the new DB the newly created lines in the 'media' table. Finally, I needed to copy over to the new site the new folders created in media/images/profile.

Hope this helps someone in the future.



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and what if my "media/images/profile/" directory does not contain anything except 4 image files







Pictures are not showing up that I uploaded to a profile. Also, when I edit a profile, there is no option to upload a picture--and I cannot find it in the Builder area.

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