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Updated for 7.3 Scooter

"Your future is created by you do today not tomorrow." @
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Hi Kris,

My partner and I are using Profile Tabs and we're very impressed over how quickly we could modify the CSS to suit our site. I'm posting here rather than writing personally, because the attached screenshots may convince a few people to also purchase the Mod.

We run a clean site, but some of our members insist on posting explicit material in their profiles. To overcome this, We've created a tab called "My Darker Side" and we need to make that tab accessible to friends only. In the same way Dolphin doesn't display blank fields, we would like the Tab to be invisible if the fields are empty, but we'd also like the tab to be seen only when a person becomes friends with the member.

This can be done by members on an individual basis on a standard Dolphin site, but we need to be able to do this at admin level only.

Both my partner and I are age pensioners and our site is free and ad free. We're prepared to pay a small or reasonable amount for a mod that I can play with myself by altering the database or the core, but you may consider it a worthy addition to make your Mod more interesting to a wider audience.

Considering the privacy rules many countries are enforcing, this is a mod that could prove very worthwhile.

Hopefully you can do it in such a way to cover all tabs and allow for other mods. See attachment 2, but as far as my partner and I are concerned, we only require "My Darker Side" to be a "Friends Only" tab.

I hope to hear from you.


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