Profiles, Multiple-Selector limit??


first sorry for my english, this is not the best :(


I work on the Profilfields and at works all fine but i use much the Multiple-Selector and i make a field with 20answers and the users cane all 20 chekboxes click for check :(


A sampel i will allow max. 3 Answers from 20 and not all :(

We i cane make a limit by the Multiple-Selector?

I hope you help me :(


Best regards: Paykoman

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I'm 11 years too late but I'd also like to know if you can limit the number of selections made via the Multiple Selector. At least this is proof that there are still some of us out there using the forum! Cheers and Happy New Year.

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Hello callum!


No, it will require modification. For example with the Javascript code on the necessary page.

Quote · 13 Jan 2022

At the end of the question, ask people to select no more than x answers. That's what I do and it works most times.


Hobbies (Please choose a maximum of three (3) answers.)

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