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tl;dr: Don't post actual requests for work here.  Post them here: - Posts not following this will be locked or hidden, posters warned.  Longer and boring explanation follows.


We don't allow actual products to be posted in this forum.  You can make a topic about a product here or to discuss the market, but an actual product post belongs in the market, and we enforce that.  Jobs shouldn't be different.


You must use the jobs area for requesting work.  You can not post here directly and circumvent the membership requirements.  Yes, starters must now use that area.  If adding $5.00 to the developer's fee doesn't sound right, go to another site and request the work.  Posts here should only be about a specific post or the area in general.  For example, I might want to bring attention to a post that doesn't belong on this site, or I might want to suggest improvements and allow others to participate in the discussion.


What brought on this change?  We have two places where people are posting job requests.  One requires a certain membership level and is setup specifically for this purpose.  The other is a forum.  Besides, most of the job posts in this forum have one response, and that response is telling them to post in the right area.


Locked.  Contact me or another moderator for more information, comments, etc.

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13 Mar 2012
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