Removing search in header leaves logo aligned left

So I removed the search box in the header by editing _sub_header.html

This leaves the logo at the wrong place. Which means the logo are not in the middle any longer but to the far left.

How can I make sure the logo stays in the middle even if I remove/deactivate the search box (or even the Service Meny)?


Regards Jonathan.

Quote · 9 Feb 2017

Correct, there was an object there taking up space and the css for the logo does not compensate when it is removed.  Just edit the css and you can centre the heading.

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Quote · 9 Feb 2017

Thank you very much for your reply geek_girl! 

Im trying to do just that now, but im not sure if im doing it right.

I tried making these changes in these files:

- templates/base/css/general.css

- templates/tmpl_evo/css/general.css


I follow something like this you told someone else to do:


- In general.css find:

-- div.sys_ml_wrapper around line 157

-- Change the text-align:center to text-align:left.


Now these changes seem to be present. I try clearing cache in Dolphin and webbrowser but it does not seem to have any affect. 


Please advice :)

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