Running Dolphin from Home

Hi all-

After I have gotten Dolphin up and running, I've only got one question...

If you are hosting it yourself- what is the easyiest way to access the server from home. Right now I am using DynDns, while I am waiting for my static IP to be set up, but when I try to connect to my domain from LAN(where the server is as well) I get a loopback connection- that means page wont open.

I can imagine the same will happen with a static IP- even though AT&T where i purchased my static IP ensured me it won't happen, I did some research online- and it is very likely that this will happen again.

It is quite important, since installing widgets in admin area, gives me a javascript void() when I access it through proxy server. I can imagine there is a lot of more things I can't do with Dolphin- through a proxy server, so if there is any way to solve this prob. without paying for 2 connections it would be great....

I know I can go to the hosts file in windows32- and add the ip with domain name to "trick" the browser to open from LAN... but will that solve the prob.

Quote · 25 May 2008
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