Social Sharing should not be hard coded in

Some sties wants social sharing; other sites are private and social sharing presents a security issues for these sites.  Social Sharing should be done through a module that can be installed when one wants social sharing and not when one has a private site that won't be sharing.

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Quote · 26 Jul 2017

I second that. 


I run a small private site for high school classmates (all 60-somethings) who are using it to reconnect in advance of a class reunion.  There will likely never be more than 150 members and some of them are uncomfortable with and mistrustful of technology.  It's kind of a pain for me to have to go through and strip out all the stuff referencing facebook, twitter, etc.


I understand that those can be desirable for larger more general interest sites but it would be nice if it were an optional module as geek_girl suggests.

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