Sorting Order of Categories

Does anyone have any idea how to Sort the Categories alphabetically. I've added a few categories & they are completely out of order in the settings & categories block.


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Try this:
Quote · 4 Feb 2012

That mod changes the order of categories in the drop down list when creating a listing, but doesn't effect the order of categories on the category page blocks for the various boonex modules.

I need a way to sort the categories when displayed on the Page Blocks.

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I think each category list is set within different module settings.

I know that for example, where you change the list order for boonex modules, is different to where you set the order for modules from some other developers!


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There doesn't seems to be the possibility at all to set the category order even within the Module settings which is very frustrating.

Is there someone that have found a way?

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That's my biggest complaint with this system. NO logical sorting.

I have spent COUNTLESS hours modifying database calls to include ORDER BY `field` ASC at the end.

I cannot remember off hand where it is, but there's a database call to read categories, you'll just have to add the above code (replacing field with the field you want sorted).

If you can't find it, shoot me a message, I'll dig thru my notes.

remember grep is your best friend.  ;)
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I'd love to know how to sort categories alphabetically for when members select them? I tinkered a little but with no luck. How is this done? Cheers.

Quote · 18 Jan 2022

I went into the sys_categories table and ordered them by number which helps when displaying categories on the homepage. However, the categories are not in the same order when selecting a category for a photo from the list of categories that show in the 'drop down' menu. Anyone know how I can fix this?

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Hello callum!


You may apply this solution:


1) find in the file inc/classes/BxDolFilesModule.php the following line:


$aCategories['value'] = explode(CATEGORIES_DIVIDER, $aInfo['Categories']);


2) and change it like:


$aCategories['value'] = explode(CATEGORIES_DIVIDER, $aInfo['Categories']);

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Hi Leonid -- Thanks for you help. I made the changes as suggested, and cleared the cache, but when I upload a photo and select a category the categories are still not in alphabetical order Frown

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Plz PM me your CPanel and Dolphin admin access, I'll check it.

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I found that I had an old module that was not fully uninstalled due to hard code changes which I reverted back and now the categories are listed alphabetically with this:




Change Line 106 (approx): 


From This:   if ($aParam['orderby'] == 'popular')


To This:       if ($aParam['orderby'] == 'ASC')

Quote · 22 Jan 2022

It would be great to have the code to sort the categories alphabetically in the administration settings (settings > category settings). I think the file is here: /public_html/administration/categories.php but I'm not sure what code to add.

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For Dolphin 7.3.5 you need to find in this file;


The following code:

$aCategories = $oDb->getAll("SELECT * FROM `sys_categories` WHERE `Status` = 'active' AND `Owner` = 0 AND `Type` = '$sModule'");

And replace it with this one:

$aCategories = $oDb->getAll("SELECT * FROM `sys_categories` WHERE `Status` = 'active' AND `Owner` = 0 AND `Type` = '$sModule' ORDER BY `Category` ASC");

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