Survey - Are you still using the forum?

If you still use the forum and you've read this post, please click the Thumb's Up (Like) button on the right. Even if you DON'T post a comment here, or anywhere else for that matter, still click the button. It's the only way we can tell how many people actually use the forum.

There seem to be less people visiting every week and I fear the for day Mr Boonex pulls the plug. This forum contains a wealth of information and yes, I use it to overcome problems almost daily and so should you.

If we lose the forum, Dolphin will most certainly become an object of the past and the only way we won't lose it is if more people used it.

Here's some tips to make the forum even more useful. The current search facilities aren't the best, so always do this:

Open Google, but it may be just as good or better with Bing.

Enter your search query and always end it with the word boonex. Here's a few examples:

  • php block boonex
  • setting up a cron job boonex
  • change background image boonex

I find this approach far better than using the forum search facilities because it also searches for information in the Boonex Wiki and many other Boonex help pages you may not know about.

Dolphin is far from dead, but it will be if you abandon it and the forum. Anton and Modzzz have hundreds of brilliant modules which they still support and I'm sure they will continue to do so as long as you support them.

Deano is designing a fork, so when Mr Boonex completely loses interest, hopefully Deano's fork will fill the void.

In the meantime, we must do everything in our power to keep this forum alive and that means using it as much as you can.

Good luck to you all during these testing times, but remember "social distancing" has now been changed to "physical distancing" because "social interaction" is essential. Dolphin is a social interaction script.


Quote · 4 Apr 2020

I am using the forum, dolphin and lots of Modzzz modules. I would be happy to invite you to have a look at 

Quote · 4 Apr 2020

I have been gone for awhile but I may log in at times to help anyone needing help.

Geeks, making the world a better place
Quote · 16 Apr 2020

A couple of people asked about you. I also took a break.

Quote · 17 Apr 2020

Don't use it often, but always use it when encountering a problem, which unfortunately is not as uncommon as expected.


Keep hope alive!

Quote · 23 Apr 2020

Yes, I would like to use this forum on a regular basis. Because I am a new member and I would like to contribute and learn as well. 

Quote · 2 May 2020

Hi @hpsiorg and @!alexcarry. Thanks for responding to my post and hopefully you've both clicked the Thumb's up button on the top right to register your participation.

Although you may have joined us at a time when Dolphin is being phased out in favour of another script previously touted by Boonex as being nothing like Dolphin, there are some very interesting things happening on the horizon. 

Please don't become despondent if you feel the forum isn't attracting the number of people it used to. Leonid is still lurking and he'll help you whenever he can. There's enough happening for us to consider "all is well" and you'll hear more as time goes on.

If you need any help, there are two or three people with some knowledge of Dolphin always monitoring the forum. Just ask!

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