Suspicious member account or not?

Just launched a new site, lots of video content.

Ive put quite a few restrictions in place to stop spammers inc email verification just to stop the bots.


So far, not getting the usual spam accounts although before the verification was in place, I was actually getting a bunch of them from Poland instead of the usual China!


Anyway, Ive noticed 1 user account who appears to be permanently online.

Account looks at least manually setup, description is certainly site specific instead of the usual garbage from bots.


Any reason why this single account would be left logged in permanently logged in? Other than they just left their laptop on and connected for several days...?!

Quote · 23 Feb 2012

I have seen this happen on my site too. Every morning this person would log in and be online, but never contribute ANYTHING to the site. I emailed him with several polite emails and asked if he needed help. He never once responded.

Last resort; I sent him a firm email about how he was constantly online and never contributing, if he could start by doing so, as our software was keeping track of his actions. He left and never came back. He is still a member but I have never seen him sign in again.

You know what I would rather have 100 members that contribute and interact with each other then 1000 who don't. So his loss.

Quote · 23 Feb 2012