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Quote · 30 Apr 2013

1) Some column width  defined in the page builder is displayed differently when browsing the site. For example in the page builder , I defined   3 columns for account page (1,2,3):

  • column 1 (28%), 
  • column 2  (49%) 
  • and column 3 (22%). 

But when viewing the account page, this does not reflect the width defined in page builder. The account page shows 33% for each column.

An other case for profile page. In page builder the column 1 is defined with 25% and the column 2 with 75%. But when viewing the profile page, the column 1 shows 75% and the second one 25%.

I noticed the same issue in other pages.

2) All textarea display the same size (small width and big heigh). With the Uni default template it displays normally

3) Contents in the form are all "center" instead of in the "left". Also I would like to disable the setting which write in Capital letter every first letter of a word.

Please advise....

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Quote · 30 Jun 2013


Is there any support?

I don't have the problems from freddyminute but another problem with the modul Profile_Types_Splitter_Premium from AntonLV.

It change the following:

6. Edit the file templates/base/scripts/BxBaseSearchProfile.php find the line

global $aPreValues;

insert below it the code

//--- AQB Profile Types Splitter ---//
if ($sTemplateName == 'search_profiles_ext.html' && $oCustomTemplate == null && BxDolRequest::serviceExists('aqb_pts', 'get_custom_template')) {
    if ($aExtendedKey == null) $aExtendedKey = array();
    $oCustomTemplate = BxDolService::call('aqb_pts', 'get_custom_template');
    BxDolService::call('aqb_pts', 'get_search_layout', array($aProfileInfo, &$aExtendedKey));
    $aProfileInfo['Headline'] = '';
//--- AQB Profile Types Splitter ---//


But no changes is displayed with your template. It only show the Dolphin standardview. With UNI it works!

Can you help?

Quote · 28 Aug 2015

It seems that for some reason, the template is trying regardless to make the widths for a three-column page. Maybe it's an issue with the custom Bootstrap code.

Quote · 1 Nov 2016
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