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Quote · 26 Aug 2016

I installed the module but I can't find the Splash page on the mod?

I bought the mod just for the splash page... 


Please help!

Quote · 5 Oct 2016

bought this and none of the documentation links work. I went through the setup, no documentation where to change what email receives the donations. no documentation on footer block setup. the only response to help questions has been a sales pitch to thank me for my purchase and to tell me about the options to pay for custom work. where is option to remove color change from none admin view.

Quote · 15 Nov 2016

Is it possible to test the admin panel?

Michel -
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Quote · 25 Aug 2018


Is it possible to test the admin panel?

Michel -

Please use below admin access of Giving a hand,


Domain path :

Admin Login :

Admin :

Username : admin

Password : )9VEV:6YG*B9>

Quote · 28 Aug 2018
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