Timeline integration & updating of search results

Couple things. All major social media have embraced the @/# (at & hashtag) benefits and users have come to expect or see them. Modzzz has a nice module which includes these and it's a definite must. 


However, when clicking a hashtag in, for example, a timeline posting - it opens the search page which doesn't actually have any timeline postings.


Anyone familiar with Twitter knows the backbone is the easy way to search interesting topics by entering the word with a hashtag (example: #boonex) and that the overwhelming majority of content are the actual postings (aka tweets) users included the hashtag in.


As it stands Boonex Dolphin doesn't include timeline content in the search results. This is a major deficit since much of the quick interesting content comes from members postings as comments, timeline posts, etc. 


So how about we explore a quick integration of timeline/comment/any posting into the search results.


And with that I'd personally like to see a revamping of the search results. Right now it is compartmentalized by modules which doesn't flow well. Again, looking at major social media a search gives a simple scrollable list of relevant content, usually sorted by default as recent first. It includes all of it and isn't broken down. Of course, if someone wanted to refine that search they could have the option to do so.


Heck, a good guideline would be a ubiquitous Google search. The results are a simple scrollable list but at the top the user can refine the search with common filter links like (all images videos maps news more) for example


Final point, the more Boonex mirrors fundamental work flows of the major social media players (while innovating and cultivating improvements and unique niche items of its own) the easier it is to win over the countless souls already addicted to/using and immersed in those other mediums.


Look forward to some feedback, input and ideas and definitely hearings from Alex or Anton on this.





Quote · 23 Jan 2018

Hello Adam!


All features which you mentioned here already made in UNA project? see details here https://una.io/page/features.


But we've opened enhancement from your request for Dolphin too https://github.com/boonex/dolphin.pro/issues/627


With the best regards, Leonid

Quote · 24 Jan 2018

It seems pretty obvious that Dolphin is the "Dark Horse" in this two-horse race.

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